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I got my start as a builder working with my father, who is an architect and contractor. He put himself through college designing and building houses, and I spent countless hours tagging along in the truck, standing on dirt piles, and learning the ropes.  As a kid, my weekends were usually spent on jobsites, and when I went away to college, I would return to work during the summers.  After earning a degree in literature and spending seven years teaching high school English, I found myself back in the building trades doing the work that I really enjoyed.


I moved to Portland in 2007 and began working for myself doing kitchen and bath remodels, and building the occasional ADU (accessory dwelling unit). Over the years, I've found myself concentrating on smaller projects where attention to detail and fine workmanship is paramount.  From framing to tile work, I believe that every step of a project carries equal importance in ensuring a quality outcome.  Also, as the son of an architect and as a hopeless do-it-yourself-er, I'm very comfortable working with all sorts of designers, whether they be licensed architects or design-savvy homeowners.  Most importantly, my clients enjoy having me in their homes, and I enjoy being there; I like to think that when a project is complete, it should be enjoyed not only as an end result, but also as the product of a pleasant process.

Me, age four
Me, age forty-three
My daughter, age four
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